Tyre Repair

Majority people always think that when come across tyre puncture on the road ,they still travel without realising that it is causing serious  damage to the tyre.

A flat tyre can cause the rim of the wheel to ride on the tyre tread or the ground potentially resulting in lost of control of the vehicle or irreparable damage to the tyre. The most common cause of the flat tyre is punctured by a nail or sharp object like glass or sharp stone on the road .

Puncturing of the tyre can also cause by damage of the valve system, excessive wear of the tyre tread allow explosive tyre failure or road debris to tear through it .

Some tyre with slow leak or the damage is mild ,it can be repair on the spot by our mechanic. He will check and diagnostic  the tyre condition first ,then explain to client before he repair . Those tyre with worn tread must be replaced at tyre workshop.

When driver feel the first vibrations in the steering wheel or the steering wheel becomes hard to control, Drivers are advised to accelerate slowly , drive to a nearby safe place to park their vehicle and call for roadside assistance.

If the driver are at the expressway , they are advise to call (LTA Hotline) , they will arrange EMAS to tow their vehicle to a nearby safe place.

Continue to drive when tyre is flat may damage wheel,the hub or other parts of the vehicle ,if driving in high speed may also cause lost control or accident .

In order to evaluate the extent of the damage ,it is important to take the tyre off the wheel. The damage seem to repair from the outside reveal to be non repairable when viewed from inside.

Using plug might not be enough because it doesn’t make sure that the air won’t keep leaking off the tyre .

In the case of run-flat tyre is puncture , driving remains possible at the limited speed of 50 miles/h. When using standard tyre might influence balancing negatively because runflat tyre is heavier than standard tyre ,they would affect the car performance negatively.  It should always be mounted on runflat wheels with deeper angles to prevent the tyre from getting loose during puncture.

Most of the time driver have to replace two tyres at the same time even though only one tyre is damaged. This is to compelled to have two tyre of the same size ,tread pattern and balancing

 It is preferable to replace four wheels to prevent mechanical problems related to anti-skid system.