We have the brand of

Varta Silver Dynamic AGM 

AGM stand for (Absorbent Glass Mat) , it has three times cycle life compared with a conventional battery. It is designed for vehicles with advanced start-stop function with regenerative braking. VARTA AGM Technology have outstanding performance for powerful engines and highly equipped vehicle. It do not leak even though when is broken and it is environment friendly with clean manufacturing with 20 percent  less energy and 20 percent less air pollution. It is equipped with powerframe grid technology for high starting power. The batteries also provide longer life span and less corrosion.

Varta EFB

EFB stand for (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) , it extend cycle life compared to standard battery. It is designed for vehicle with conventional start-stop function. (Start-stop function) mean that the vehicle will automatically shutdown and restart the internal combustion engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spend idling therefore reducing fuel consumption and emission. With its EFB enhanced technology , the vehicle is able to start the engine multiple times on the road.

Varta Powersports AGM 

This is for motorbike , it come with maintenance free and do not need any topping up, it is also dry-charges batteries with an acid pack.  The batteries are designed with extreme conditions , provides maximum power and is long durability.It is spill and leak proof at the angle up to 45 degree.

Bosch SM Model

The batteries have high density expanded grid calcium-silver technology, it deliver maximum power supply to keep the electrical devices working properly at all times. It provide approximately of 30 percent higher starting power compared to a standard battery  and reliable starting even though not in the favour of the weather condition and temperatures. It is enhanced safety with labyrinth lid design and flame arrestor and  provide better performance and dependable power  for every cars. It is also long service life and it can withstand high heat and corrosion resistance.

The Sail

The “Sail” car battery is produced by Fengfan Co.,Ltd, this batteries have a high CCA (Cold Cranking AMPS)  which enable to start the vehicle although in adverse weather.  It provide high cranking power compare to some standard batteries that is why  vehicle can start many times . It is equipped with silver technology and sealed maintenance free batteries.

We also have recondition car battery for those whose car is going to scrap in a fews days times but not in fews months time.