If you happen to encounter that your car battery died  and you suspect that is not battery dead as you just change your car battery not long ago .

You hoping to do it yourself by using jumper cables to jump start it from some good samaritan’s vehicle , I would suggest  you not to do it .

If either vehicle has an electronic ignition system or is an alternatively fueled vehicle , the use of jumper cables may damage the vehicle.

There are number of things that may go wrong and cause serious damage to a vehicle’s electrical system.

As reliable as good batteries are , they will eventually wear out and may stop working with little or no warning . Even though a battery may not crank the engine over ,if you can get the engine running with a jump start, the vehicle charging system can supply enough power to keep it running and allow you to get to a repair facility .

Jump-Starting is the process of connecting a dead battery to a fully charged battery .There are special jumper cables which can perform this function.The cables must be connected in a specific way to avoid damage to the electrical system of either vehicle and to prevent car battery explosion.

A battery vents explosive hydrogen gas when discharge or dead and being jump start. Hydrogen gas can explode when it comes in contact with an open flame or a spark, Do not  smoke while jump start a car . Remove any metallic chains or necklace that may come contact with the battery terminals.

Battery terminals are marked as “+” (plus) and “-” (minus) . The (plus) terminal is usually marked with Red colour . To prevent from hurting yourself or your car’s electrical system,the jumper cables must be connected correctly and in the proper sequence.

Before connecting the jumper cables , make sure that the battery is sealed and all caps are in place .Always start by connecting the positive cable first . Connect the cable from the positive battery post on the starting vehicle to the positive post of the battery on the stalled vehicle.

Next connect the one end of the negative cable to the negative battery post of the starting vehicle battery. The other end of the negative cable should be attached to the engine block or frame of the stalled vehicle.

Why jumpstart must be done in a correct way otherwise it may not only damage your car electrical system ,it may damage the others car owner electrical system and may have to burn a hole in your pocket .

To prevent this from happening ,it is wise to call a car mechanic for advice