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Starter Motor

Starter Motor 

Recently just replace a starter motor for Toyota estima as it is weekend as many car workshop are not open and client urgent need to use their vehicle therefore our mechanic is lucky to get the starter because  it still got stock.

Please do not overlook the starter as it is the most important role  for the car engine to start.

There are some reason why sometime the starter is not working

The starter relay is malfunction due to short circuit , and when it is not fully short circuit you still able to hear the clicking sound when you crank the car .

The starter relay is spoilt due to high heat or is dirty as it is been clogged for too long and it hinder the starter to start the engine .

It is also wear and tear when the mileage is high and never change the starter before.

If you notice any sign of the above  which mean that  it is time to get the starter replace.

Battery Explode

Battery Explode

Come across this kind of incident as battery explode , lucky that  the vehicle owner is able to aware of this condition and engage our mechanic to come over and install new car battery replacement singapore.

What causes battery to explode ?  There are a few reason ,one of the reason is too long never change the battery .

Car batteries contain lead acid and flooded with sulfurate.  This is made to cater to the demand for the vehicle required. As some vehicle need to have better performance result and therefore battery is customized to it to provide enough current .

Lead acid battery contain harmful item and it is flammable which is why it is better to discard this battery in a safe way. Do not discard the battery in the bin because it can cause fire or skin irritation to the cleaner.

Some hydrogen gas is create when the battery is discharge and charging and hydrogen will cause fire , if the  battery is discharge until it cannot support the starter and
there is hydrogen still left in the battery or escape out and it will cause overcharging .

The maintenance of the batteries is important to prevent it from explode.

Car battery can last how long?

Car battery can last how long?

It is depend on how you drive and also the vehicle age ,mileage and the maintenance of  the vehicle.

If you are taxi driver driving one thousand kms per week or  if you using  your own vehicle for private use only driving to and from work. How you use your vehicle will affect the lifespan of your car battery. An taxi driver driving their Toyota Prius is travelling one thousand two hundred kms per week will be cycling their hybrid battery  more than a private user.  Therefore  using their hybrid in this way will make the  lifespan shorter than normal usage .  The age of the vehicle also affect the car battery lifespan.

The maintenance of the battery is also important  as we tend to overlook and  to take note of the battery terminal corrosion and the wiring. If the vehicle just install audio or speaker always check with the mechanic whether your vehicle need car battery replacement singapore in order to have sufficient current to support it

As our local road is accelerate and stop due to many traffic light is different from our neighbour country as the road  journey there is long and seldom stop (highway)  therefore the car battery usually last longer than here .

Sometimes install many gadget will shorten the battery lifespan too.

If the vehicle is short circuit , it is best to sent it to respective workshop to inspect, vehicle short circuit will cause car battery to drain off  prematurely.

Heat Protection Rubber for Car battery

Heat Protection Rubber for Car battery

When your car is a few years old  or just purchase, the temperature  can affect your vehicle. Car batteries  lost certain percentage of their starting power therefore it make the battery to work even harder  to get it start and work, it is also shorten the battery lifespan.

Here is a solution without burning your pocket .

Heat protection rubber are not expensive and can be done by our mechanic to seal it around your vehicle battery. It assist heat to car battery , make it durability ,enhance the performance of your vehicle and it  can withstand high heat as well.

It has external reflective layer that can hold and avoid toxic acid from battery which can harm the vehicle and environment. The heat protection rubber is easy to use , just wrap it around the battery and secure it  with the sealing tape provided.

This is different from those heat protection rubber which sell in the market . It is tested and proved that the car battery can last longer.

You can call us at 96888773 for heat protection rubber for car battery  enquiries or when you have your car battery replacement singapore with us also can ask on the spot . Our Friendly mechanic is  willing to guide you

Gearbox oil

Gearbox oil

Always check your gearbox oil for auto vehicle by pulling out the dipstick when the engine is running and the gear shifted to park. Check the oil level and take note of any leaking . Unsure you may drive to your trusted workshop for inspection.

Inside the gearbox contain many component therefore it need to have regular oil fill up to avoid the component damage  easily . This is to save your wallet from burning a hole.

Suggested that oil to be change every thirty thousand to sixty thousand miles for manual vehicle . If travel frequently , then would be change oil at  fifteen thousand miles.

Suggested that Auto vehicle ,oil to be changed at  thirty thousand mile. It is better to have the oil change it often.

The difference between the auto vehicle and manual vehicle is that the manual vehicle do not contain too much liquid and over the period of time the bearing and gear is spoilt and left metal pieces (bit by bit) in the oil and cause it polluting the oil, if this polluted oil is not remove it will damage the transmission prematurely. As for the auto vehicle it has high heat and also cause the same problem as in manual vehicle  also must remove the polluted oil , if not the transmission will damage prematurely.

If you do not change the gear oil on time or when your trusted mechanic advice , you will eventually spent more later when you realise  that the transmission is damaged or internal part component is damage as well. Changing gear oil won’t cost much then you change the transmission.

Always check on the gear liquid level and oil leaking .  As for the manual vehicle it is wise to drive to your trusted workshop to check because they need to lift up the vehicle .

Car Brake Pads

Car Brake Pads

Recently the weather is rain and stop suddenly and then very sunny again.  When the rain stop not long ago , some driver thought that the expressway road is not that wet and may trying to speed up a bit  but unfortunate if they do not install a good brake pad for their vehicle , they are unable to stop on time and might cause accident.

During the rain just stop, when entering the car park also have to be cautious because some driver thought that the road in the car park is dry but it is still slippery due to there is still some rainwater flowing  through from the top building.

Using a good brake pads can enhance yourself ,your family and other motorist safety. There are many types of brake pads availability in the market  that you can choose  from. If not sure which to choose you may consult your trusted mechanic for advice.

Disc brake provide better braking on time and can withstand high temperature to prevent overheating prematurely . Some disc brake even has brake booster to allow driver to depress lightly on their brake pedal to achieve better braking performance.

Disc brake are  made up of a caliper, two brake pads and a rotor . Liquid  is deliver to the caliper from the cylinder when the brake pedal is depressed. Inside the caliper, there is a piston is operate, and the caliper then grip the rotor between the internal  and external brake pad. It will make your vehicle slow down and  cause friction and  wear on the brake pad. Gradually the brake pad will become threadbare and therefore need to get it replaced. The area of the rotor in the brake should be even and  same thickness in both sides. But if the rotors are worn, burnt  they can cause the brake pad crack and  wear out quickly .The pistons are function by brake liquid, but when there is spoilt seal, the liquid will flow out and prevent the piston from getting to its original place .

Pay attention to your vehicle regularly ,it does not mean that getting a  top range disc brake will not cause accident during raining or rain just stop. Drive safely at all times .

Car spark plugs

Car spark plugs

You may wonder what is car spark plugs as you heard before but not sure what is that in your car?

Spark plugs is a device which provide electricity from ignition system to the chamber of spark ignition engine.

The spark plugs play a critical role in the ignition system. When you turn on the engine, it will causes the coil to create the spark which ignites the air-fuel mixture into the engine cylinders to start the car . The number of spark plugs in the car is the same as the number of cylinders, although some car  manufacturers will use two spark plugs in one cylinder.

Over the period of time, the spark plugs is damage and need to get it replace. When the spark plugs is no longer in good condition as before , it will make the air-fuel mixture to arouse even harder and higher risk of causing engine misfire . When one of the spark plugs has malfunction , the car can still start and run but it will affect the performance . In some vehicles, spark plug replacement may be labor intensive and involve removal of the space.

Common sign appear to signal you that spark plugs need to be replace is the engine light is on and  the engine is vibrating that is noticeable to you .  If you still continue to drive when spark plugs is damage it will also cause further spoilt to the catalytic converter.

Catalytic converter is a exhaust which change toxic gas from internal engine into less toxic gas. It  need a very high temperature to change harmful gas to carbon dioxide , which is why the very  first catalytic converters were locate nearer to the engine to let it  heat up rapidly  but by doing so it will cause  vapor lock  and now  catalytic converters were moved to the  way further from the engine, and were then placed at the bottom of the vehicle.

When spark plugs are replace remember to monitor the cable ,if you notice  any abnormal symptom,  should inform your trusted mechanic.

If car battery can’t withhold charge

If car battery can’t withhold charge

 When  your car battery has die off and then recharged, and you have discover that it could not withhold a charge (the battery is just working fine for a while, but then the charge disappear ), there is some  problem in your system and that must be diagnosed and fix it .

The system is operating  like this: Your battery give power to the starter and the main relay. The main relay powers the fuel pump and ECU. The battery also power the electric spark to the spark plugs. When the engine is turn on, the alternator begins working and  generates the electricity need to recharge the battery and to power the engine and other element.

The alternator should always provide sufficient electricity to recharge the battery and power to the other elements. If it  have insufficient electricity require supply from the battery and because it is  not being recharged. Definitely, car battery have a limited lifespan.

If your battery could not withhold charge, it means that  there are problems within the system that are either preventing the battery from being recharged or draining the battery when the engine is turn off.

There are common reason that this happen when there is bad cell , no matter what the battery will die off  because they produce a bad cell which prevent from withhold a charge and need to be replaced. This is part and parcel of vehicle maintenance and batteries die during hot climate. in order to prevent stranded by a failed battery it is wise to contact experience mechanic at 96888773 for car battery replacement  singapore

Battery cables and terminals can suffer from corrosion. As it accumulate this corrosion prevents solid contact and can prevent the require charge being power to the battery from the alternator.  Do not worry as the positive and negative terminal can be replace it onsite by our mechanic.  When  the alternator belt is loose or worn out ,  the alternator will not work  properly which means that the charge from the alternator produces may not be enough to recharge the battery.  It might be your battery and alternator are working fine but there is something draining the charge. It could be negligence to switch off the light or leaving accessory plug in and often “on” mode or something that is pulling the current from the battery even though the engine is stop running .

Car Timing Belt

Car Timing Belt

Car timing belt is an internal engine element that moving round the engine’s cam and crankshaft in sync and ensures  that each cylinder working  at the right time. The timing belt is located under a timing cover and is in the front of the engine. It is  usually manufactured out of good quality rubber with nylon-reinforced cords inside to prolong  the life of the belt. However, if there is greater  forces inside your motor it  will cause the timing belt spoilt and need to be replaced.  Without a fully working  timing belt, your engine will not run.

The timing belt can be  found in cars and SUVs with smaller engines. When an engine has a larger bore and stroke, most automotive manufacturers utilize a timing chain system that replaces the rubber belt with a metal chain. With the timing chains , it is long lasting  than timing belts while some rated to last the lifetime of the car. Most automotive manufacturers have a pre-decided recommendation on when you should replace the timing belt, but there are a few warning indicators that a problem occurred.

Here are some common sign that might indicate that your timing belt is wearing out or has broken

  1.  Ticking sound coming from the engine

    The timing belt is attached by way of a series of pulleys to the engine’s crank and camshaft. The crankshaft powers the engine’s connecting rods which are attached to pistons inside the combustion chamber. The camshaft operates the cylinder head valves and rocker arm assembly, which sends fuel into the combustion chamber and expels burnt gases out of the exhaust manifold. When the timing belt starts to wear out, it may create ticking sound . This warning sign may also be the signal of low oil pressure or the engine not having the proper amount of lubrication. The timing belt is so important  to the operation of your vehicle, if you notice this warning sign, you should contact a mechanic soonest.

  2.  Engine misfires

    A worn out timing belt might also affect the engine’s fire rate. The timing belt is connect to the pulleys that drive the crank and camshaft. However, sometimes the belt will slip on the camshaft drive and cause one cylinder to open or close premature than it should. This might cause a misfire situation  if it is  not change soon and may result in engine damage later.

  3. Oil leaking from in front of the motor

    It is also typical that the engine will leak oil from the timing belt cover. The cover is tighten by a series of nuts and bolts that may become loosen after some time . Another problem  that will cause oil to leak is when the gasket between the engine block and timing cover wears out, is cracked or has been installed improper . Leaking oil from the timing belt cover results in engine too hot  as well as prematurely wear the timing belt.

    Usually  it is difficult to detect the timing belt problem , However, you should check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to determine when is the last timing belt change and have the timing belt replaced by trusted mechanic.

Warning Sign-Car Dashboard

Warning Sign-Car Dashboard

We need to know some of the warning sign appear on our car dashboard so as we are able to identify some of them and explain to our experienced car mechanic for advice whether need car battery replacement singapore when we face this warning light.

Power steering / EPAS warning light

If your car’s power steering warning light – often known as the EPAS light – is illuminated, it means that there could be something wrong with the steering system.

If the system fails, the steering could go heavy, meaning more effort will be needed to make the car change direction. This can be an annoyance at low speed when you’re trying to manoeuvre, but a real risk at higher motorway speeds if you need to make a sudden lane change to avoid an obstacle.

DPF / Diesel particulate filter warning light

Nowadays diesel vehicles are fitted with a diesel particulate filter, which removes harmful soot from the exhaust gases to reduce emissions.

If this is faulty it’ll trigger a warning light and could not only mean that  you are releasing a toxic cloud of black smoke often when  you depress the accelerator but that you could be causing damage to your engine. Get this inspect by experienced car mechanic immediately  as DPFs can become obstruct and can be costly  to replace it .

Airbag warning light

The invention of the airbag was a major step forward in vehicle occupant safety, so if your car’s isn’t working properly, get it seen to.

A faulty airbag potentially won’t go off in a crash, meaning that  you and your passengers won’t be as well protected from any potential injuries. The other possibility is that your vehicle’s airbag could deploy when you least expect it, giving you a nasty shock  or even actually causing­ an injury and an expensive fix to put it right.

Tyre pressure monitor warning light

Once the preserve of high-end, super-expensive luxury saloons, many more cars are fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems today.

These systems can sense a deviation away from normal tyre pressures, signifying a puncture. Generally, the device will flash a warning light on the dashboard, highlighting that  you should take a look at your car tyre, check any puncture or tyre burst , object on the tyre ,  unsure can give us a call at 96888773 for tyre repair .

It could be something as minor as a faulty sensor , but it could be something more serious that, if left unchecked, will cause severe  damage to your vehicle.

Regular servicing and maintenance can help to protect your vehicle from firing off a fault, so take note of  your car and its warning lights to save you money and prevent costly bill.