Starter Motor

Starter Motor 

Recently just replace a starter motor for Toyota estima as it is weekend as many car workshop are not open and client urgent need to use their vehicle therefore our mechanic is lucky to get the starter because  it still got stock.

Please do not overlook the starter as it is the most important role  for the car engine to start.

There are some reason why sometime the starter is not working

The starter relay is malfunction due to short circuit , and when it is not fully short circuit you still able to hear the clicking sound when you crank the car .

The starter relay is spoilt due to high heat or is dirty as it is been clogged for too long and it hinder the starter to start the engine .

It is also wear and tear when the mileage is high and never change the starter before.

If you notice any sign of the above  which mean that  it is time to get the starter replace.


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