If car battery can’t withhold charge

If car battery can’t withhold charge

 When  your car battery has die off and then recharged, and you have discover that it could not withhold a charge (the battery is just working fine for a while, but then the charge disappear ), there is some  problem in your system and that must be diagnosed and fix it .

The system is operating  like this: Your battery give power to the starter and the main relay. The main relay powers the fuel pump and ECU. The battery also power the electric spark to the spark plugs. When the engine is turn on, the alternator begins working and  generates the electricity need to recharge the battery and to power the engine and other element.

The alternator should always provide sufficient electricity to recharge the battery and power to the other elements. If it  have insufficient electricity require supply from the battery and because it is  not being recharged. Definitely, car battery have a limited lifespan.

If your battery could not withhold charge, it means that  there are problems within the system that are either preventing the battery from being recharged or draining the battery when the engine is turn off.

There are common reason that this happen when there is bad cell , no matter what the battery will die off  because they produce a bad cell which prevent from withhold a charge and need to be replaced. This is part and parcel of vehicle maintenance and batteries die during hot climate. in order to prevent stranded by a failed battery it is wise to contact experience mechanic at 96888773 for car battery replacement  singapore

Battery cables and terminals can suffer from corrosion. As it accumulate this corrosion prevents solid contact and can prevent the require charge being power to the battery from the alternator.  Do not worry as the positive and negative terminal can be replace it onsite by our mechanic.  When  the alternator belt is loose or worn out ,  the alternator will not work  properly which means that the charge from the alternator produces may not be enough to recharge the battery.  It might be your battery and alternator are working fine but there is something draining the charge. It could be negligence to switch off the light or leaving accessory plug in and often “on” mode or something that is pulling the current from the battery even though the engine is stop running .


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