Heat Protection Rubber for Car battery

Heat Protection Rubber for Car battery

When your car is a few years old  or just purchase, the temperature  can affect your vehicle. Car batteries  lost certain percentage of their starting power therefore it make the battery to work even harder  to get it start and work, it is also shorten the battery lifespan.

Here is a solution without burning your pocket .

Heat protection rubber are not expensive and can be done by our mechanic to seal it around your vehicle battery. It assist heat to car battery , make it durability ,enhance the performance of your vehicle and it  can withstand high heat as well.

It has external reflective layer that can hold and avoid toxic acid from battery which can harm the vehicle and environment. The heat protection rubber is easy to use , just wrap it around the battery and secure it  with the sealing tape provided.

This is different from those heat protection rubber which sell in the market . It is tested and proved that the car battery can last longer.

You can call us at 96888773 for heat protection rubber for car battery  enquiries or when you have your car battery replacement singapore with us also can ask on the spot . Our Friendly mechanic is  willing to guide you


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