Gearbox oil

Gearbox oil

Always check your gearbox oil for auto vehicle by pulling out the dipstick when the engine is running and the gear shifted to park. Check the oil level and take note of any leaking . Unsure you may drive to your trusted workshop for inspection.

Inside the gearbox contain many component therefore it need to have regular oil fill up to avoid the component damage  easily . This is to save your wallet from burning a hole.

Suggested that oil to be change every thirty thousand to sixty thousand miles for manual vehicle . If travel frequently , then would be change oil at  fifteen thousand miles.

Suggested that Auto vehicle ,oil to be changed at  thirty thousand mile. It is better to have the oil change it often.

The difference between the auto vehicle and manual vehicle is that the manual vehicle do not contain too much liquid and over the period of time the bearing and gear is spoilt and left metal pieces (bit by bit) in the oil and cause it polluting the oil, if this polluted oil is not remove it will damage the transmission prematurely. As for the auto vehicle it has high heat and also cause the same problem as in manual vehicle  also must remove the polluted oil , if not the transmission will damage prematurely.

If you do not change the gear oil on time or when your trusted mechanic advice , you will eventually spent more later when you realise  that the transmission is damaged or internal part component is damage as well. Changing gear oil won’t cost much then you change the transmission.

Always check on the gear liquid level and oil leaking .  As for the manual vehicle it is wise to drive to your trusted workshop to check because they need to lift up the vehicle .


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