Corrosion on car battery

You notice light blue colour powdering on your car battery terminal  some day whereby you open your car bonnet .

That blue colour powdering is the acid. It leak when the hydrogen gas is release while the little gas is vent out through the opening of the hood or cell.  When the substance become solid and build up a lot on your car terminal , it will cause your car battery terminal to become loose and lose their capability to charge from the battery to the engine

There are other reason that occur corrosion. Overcharging your car battery  is one of the reason and  If the cell is crack, the acid inside the battery will leak and release harmful gas which is harmful to our body . When the acid come in contact with our skin ,it cause us itchy and irritating as well.

You should change a new car battery  by contacting  a experience car mechanic at {96888773} to handle this situation . The mechanic will  use a special brush and cleaning terminal solution to clean the affected terminal area afterward he will install the new car battery and tighten the terminal and make sure that your car can start again.


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