Car Radiator

Car Radiator 

When the car engine is running, the pistons are moving up and down the borehole at anywhere between 1500rpm at idle to 8000 rpm at flat-out – this creates heat and friction. The only way to keep them cool is to have water flowing through passage in the engine block – enter the radiator.

The radiator keep the car engine cool therefore it is  important to take care of it . The water temperature gauge should be running not higher than 90 degrees celsius, when it start to arise you should stop.  Take note of the burning smell and smoke from below the car  bonnet.

Coolant, a mixture of antifreeze (ethylene glycol) and water is  pumped around the engine and kept cool with the help of the radiator. The purpose of this antifreeze is to keep the water in the radiator from freezing in cold temperatures and boiling over in the hot climates.

Low coolant level in the radiator is one of the main reasons for overheating in vehicles. The level decrease could be because of  some reason like a leak in your head gasket  which is a serious problem or the heater-core.

It is advised to renew the coolant every time the radiator is serviced.  This is to be done annually. You should check your coolant level at least once a month by topping  up with water is acceptable.

One of the common causes for a blocked radiator are dirt, dead insects and loose object like small stones. These will block the airflow through the radiator and cause it overheating.    Open the bonnet and you can see this clearly.

If there is nothing visible, it could be an internal block. Scan the surface of the radiator for cold spots using an infrared thermostat if you have one. If you do not  have one, is alright ,open the radiator cap when the car is cool and check the liquid and the radiator for any brown discolouration, or unwanted substance in the coolant like floating dirt.

Also have to take note of another common cause is the radiator cap as we always overlook on small item ,  check whether there is crack or loose on the radiator cap.  A spoilt radiator cap will cause radiator to overheating.  If the cap is not tighten the coolant will be leaking, If the cap is  seal properly  it can maintain the water pressure correctly.

If you encounter  this issue and not sure what to do , do give us a call at  96888773. Our experience  car mechanic will guide you.

! Never open the radiator cap when the engine is hot , you may get scalded. It is best to wait for the engine cool down


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