Car can’t start

Car can’t start 

When the active material in the car battery plates is  no longer prolong the discharge current, the car battery “dies”. Usually a car (or starting) battery “ages” as the active positive plate material  cast off (fall off) during  the normal expansion and contraction that occurs during the discharge and charge cycles.

This causes a loss of plate capacity and a brown sticky substance , called sludge  that builds up in the bottom of the case and can omitting  the plates of a cell out. This will be harmful to the car  battery as soon as the short occurs.   In hot weather like singapore ,there are additional causes of failure are positive grid growth, positive grid metal corrosion, negative grid reduce, characteristic deformation of plates, or loss of water .

Heavy  discharges, heat, vibration, fast charging, and overcharging will cause the car battery to premature aging.  Estimated that about 50 percent of car battery failures is caused by loss of water for normal recharging , lack of maintenance ,high heat and overcharging.  Positive grid growth and undercharging causing sulfation also cause premature failures.

Usually a well maintained and properly charged deep cycle batteries naturally die due to positive grid corrosion causing an open connection. The casting off of the active material is an additional cause. When the  battery is left discharged for long period of time, dendrite shorts between the plates can occur when the battery is recharged. The low resistance bridge in the shorted cell will heat up and boil the electrolyte out of the cell causing a high release  of hydrogen and oxygen which is harmful to us and our environment.   it is so important to have a proper venting when recharging batteries. Estimated about 85 percent of premature deep cycle and starting batteries failures are not recharged on regular basis because of the building up of sulfation.  Sulfation is caused when a battery charge decrease below 100 percent  for long  duration and undercharging .  

If  your car battery replacement singapore is more than a few  months ago  (12 months and above ) and you live in a hot weather , then your battery lifespan is probably numbered. Unusual slow cranking, especially on a cold day, is another good indication that your battery is going bad. It should be externally recharged, surface charge removed, and load tested.

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