Car Brake Pads

Car Brake Pads

Recently the weather is rain and stop suddenly and then very sunny again.  When the rain stop not long ago , some driver thought that the expressway road is not that wet and may trying to speed up a bit  but unfortunate if they do not install a good brake pad for their vehicle , they are unable to stop on time and might cause accident.

During the rain just stop, when entering the car park also have to be cautious because some driver thought that the road in the car park is dry but it is still slippery due to there is still some rainwater flowing  through from the top building.

Using a good brake pads can enhance yourself ,your family and other motorist safety. There are many types of brake pads availability in the market  that you can choose  from. If not sure which to choose you may consult your trusted mechanic for advice.

Disc brake provide better braking on time and can withstand high temperature to prevent overheating prematurely . Some disc brake even has brake booster to allow driver to depress lightly on their brake pedal to achieve better braking performance.

Disc brake are  made up of a caliper, two brake pads and a rotor . Liquid  is deliver to the caliper from the cylinder when the brake pedal is depressed. Inside the caliper, there is a piston is operate, and the caliper then grip the rotor between the internal  and external brake pad. It will make your vehicle slow down and  cause friction and  wear on the brake pad. Gradually the brake pad will become threadbare and therefore need to get it replaced. The area of the rotor in the brake should be even and  same thickness in both sides. But if the rotors are worn, burnt  they can cause the brake pad crack and  wear out quickly .The pistons are function by brake liquid, but when there is spoilt seal, the liquid will flow out and prevent the piston from getting to its original place .

Pay attention to your vehicle regularly ,it does not mean that getting a  top range disc brake will not cause accident during raining or rain just stop. Drive safely at all times .


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