Car battery drain off

Car battery drain off 

Some of the factor which can drain off the car battery ,even if you are not driving the vehicle for few days or weeks , the electrical component such as the circuit board computer and clock are still running and can drain the battery slowly , meaning your car might not start if left sitting for too long. This is especially for those car with high dependable on electrical senor.  Some of these cars have so many electronics and modules that the battery could get drained in few days or weeks if left alone.

Car camera is also the main culprit which can drain off the battery , it is still working even though you are not driving your car.  it also depend on where you park your car ,meaning if you park at low level of multi storey car park where many people or vehicle drive pass.  If you are planning on vacation it is advisable to park at high level of multi storey car park where there are seldom vehicle passby .

If you are  going vacation or work for a few months, you should definitely disconnect the battery,It is the only way to prevent the  battery drain. But the problem is, when you disconnect the cable from the battery, you have to make sure it is  secured somewhere so it is  not contacting the ground or any of the positives. I would recommend you  taking the negative battery post out, and wrapping something around the end so it doesn’t touch anything while you are  not there.

If the cable end is touching the negative terminal or is even in proximity to it, it could create a spark and cause a fire.

Also take note that disconnecting the car battery will reset all electronic systems and settings in your vehicle, so be prepared to reset the clock and any other systems. Familiarizing yourself with the settings is a good idea before disconnecting the battery. In some instances, more serious issues can arise when disconnecting or reconnecting the battery.

In order to disconnect the battery, all you have to do is remove the cable from the negative port. Do not let the negative and positive cable ends touch under any circumstances. If the cables do make contact or even get close, it could be  harmful things to your car, including your alternator, damage the cables, or worse, cause serious injury to yourself or others.

You could jumpstart but this will still leave your battery with a premature life. Jump-starting also makes the car alternator work harder because it is then powering the battery, which will reduce the life of the alternator as well.

So when the next time your car can’t start it may due to some reason , battery drain off ? alternator ? it is not always the battery fault  even though you have car battery replacement singapore not long ago.

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