Battery Explode

Battery Explode

Come across this kind of incident as battery explode , lucky that  the vehicle owner is able to aware of this condition and engage our mechanic to come over and install new car battery replacement singapore.

What causes battery to explode ?  There are a few reason ,one of the reason is too long never change the battery .

Car batteries contain lead acid and flooded with sulfurate.  This is made to cater to the demand for the vehicle required. As some vehicle need to have better performance result and therefore battery is customized to it to provide enough current .

Lead acid battery contain harmful item and it is flammable which is why it is better to discard this battery in a safe way. Do not discard the battery in the bin because it can cause fire or skin irritation to the cleaner.

Some hydrogen gas is create when the battery is discharge and charging and hydrogen will cause fire , if the  battery is discharge until it cannot support the starter and
there is hydrogen still left in the battery or escape out and it will cause overcharging .

The maintenance of the batteries is important to prevent it from explode.


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