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Car battery drain off

Car battery drain off 

Some of the factor which can drain off the car battery ,even if you are not driving the vehicle for few days or weeks , the electrical component such as the circuit board computer and clock are still running and can drain the battery slowly , meaning your car might not start if left sitting for too long. This is especially for those car with high dependable on electrical senor.  Some of these cars have so many electronics and modules that the battery could get drained in few days or weeks if left alone.

Car camera is also the main culprit which can drain off the battery , it is still working even though you are not driving your car.  it also depend on where you park your car ,meaning if you park at low level of multi storey car park where many people or vehicle drive pass.  If you are planning on vacation it is advisable to park at high level of multi storey car park where there are seldom vehicle passby .

If you are  going vacation or work for a few months, you should definitely disconnect the battery,It is the only way to prevent the  battery drain. But the problem is, when you disconnect the cable from the battery, you have to make sure it is  secured somewhere so it is  not contacting the ground or any of the positives. I would recommend you  taking the negative battery post out, and wrapping something around the end so it doesn’t touch anything while you are  not there.

If the cable end is touching the negative terminal or is even in proximity to it, it could create a spark and cause a fire.

Also take note that disconnecting the car battery will reset all electronic systems and settings in your vehicle, so be prepared to reset the clock and any other systems. Familiarizing yourself with the settings is a good idea before disconnecting the battery. In some instances, more serious issues can arise when disconnecting or reconnecting the battery.

In order to disconnect the battery, all you have to do is remove the cable from the negative port. Do not let the negative and positive cable ends touch under any circumstances. If the cables do make contact or even get close, it could be  harmful things to your car, including your alternator, damage the cables, or worse, cause serious injury to yourself or others.

You could jumpstart but this will still leave your battery with a premature life. Jump-starting also makes the car alternator work harder because it is then powering the battery, which will reduce the life of the alternator as well.

So when the next time your car can’t start it may due to some reason , battery drain off ? alternator ? it is not always the battery fault  even though you have car battery replacement singapore not long ago.

If unsure you may contact us at 96888773 ,our experience mechanic will guide you.

Car Radiator

Car Radiator 

When the car engine is running, the pistons are moving up and down the borehole at anywhere between 1500rpm at idle to 8000 rpm at flat-out – this creates heat and friction. The only way to keep them cool is to have water flowing through passage in the engine block – enter the radiator.

The radiator keep the car engine cool therefore it is  important to take care of it . The water temperature gauge should be running not higher than 90 degrees celsius, when it start to arise you should stop.  Take note of the burning smell and smoke from below the car  bonnet.

Coolant, a mixture of antifreeze (ethylene glycol) and water is  pumped around the engine and kept cool with the help of the radiator. The purpose of this antifreeze is to keep the water in the radiator from freezing in cold temperatures and boiling over in the hot climates.

Low coolant level in the radiator is one of the main reasons for overheating in vehicles. The level decrease could be because of  some reason like a leak in your head gasket  which is a serious problem or the heater-core.

It is advised to renew the coolant every time the radiator is serviced.  This is to be done annually. You should check your coolant level at least once a month by topping  up with water is acceptable.

One of the common causes for a blocked radiator are dirt, dead insects and loose object like small stones. These will block the airflow through the radiator and cause it overheating.    Open the bonnet and you can see this clearly.

If there is nothing visible, it could be an internal block. Scan the surface of the radiator for cold spots using an infrared thermostat if you have one. If you do not  have one, is alright ,open the radiator cap when the car is cool and check the liquid and the radiator for any brown discolouration, or unwanted substance in the coolant like floating dirt.

Also have to take note of another common cause is the radiator cap as we always overlook on small item ,  check whether there is crack or loose on the radiator cap.  A spoilt radiator cap will cause radiator to overheating.  If the cap is not tighten the coolant will be leaking, If the cap is  seal properly  it can maintain the water pressure correctly.

If you encounter  this issue and not sure what to do , do give us a call at  96888773. Our experience  car mechanic will guide you.

! Never open the radiator cap when the engine is hot , you may get scalded. It is best to wait for the engine cool down

Car can’t start

Car can’t start 

When the active material in the car battery plates is  no longer prolong the discharge current, the car battery “dies”. Usually a car (or starting) battery “ages” as the active positive plate material  cast off (fall off) during  the normal expansion and contraction that occurs during the discharge and charge cycles.

This causes a loss of plate capacity and a brown sticky substance , called sludge  that builds up in the bottom of the case and can omitting  the plates of a cell out. This will be harmful to the car  battery as soon as the short occurs.   In hot weather like singapore ,there are additional causes of failure are positive grid growth, positive grid metal corrosion, negative grid reduce, characteristic deformation of plates, or loss of water .

Heavy  discharges, heat, vibration, fast charging, and overcharging will cause the car battery to premature aging.  Estimated that about 50 percent of car battery failures is caused by loss of water for normal recharging , lack of maintenance ,high heat and overcharging.  Positive grid growth and undercharging causing sulfation also cause premature failures.

Usually a well maintained and properly charged deep cycle batteries naturally die due to positive grid corrosion causing an open connection. The casting off of the active material is an additional cause. When the  battery is left discharged for long period of time, dendrite shorts between the plates can occur when the battery is recharged. The low resistance bridge in the shorted cell will heat up and boil the electrolyte out of the cell causing a high release  of hydrogen and oxygen which is harmful to us and our environment.   it is so important to have a proper venting when recharging batteries. Estimated about 85 percent of premature deep cycle and starting batteries failures are not recharged on regular basis because of the building up of sulfation.  Sulfation is caused when a battery charge decrease below 100 percent  for long  duration and undercharging .  

If  your car battery replacement singapore is more than a few  months ago  (12 months and above ) and you live in a hot weather , then your battery lifespan is probably numbered. Unusual slow cranking, especially on a cold day, is another good indication that your battery is going bad. It should be externally recharged, surface charge removed, and load tested.

Dead batteries always occur at the wrong timing , No worry , you have a choice is to call us at 96888773 to engage our service , We are open 24 hrs daily including public holiday .

Car Alternator

Sometimes you may notice that your car headlight is dimmed and there is growling sound?  you may  wonder what is wrong with the car and you thought that it is battery problem when you see warning light or a battery shaped light up. Within the instrument cluster of most cars built in the last decade, there  is a warning light dedicated to signaling an alternator problem. In most cases the light is shaped like a battery, though some show “ALT” or “GEN,” meaning alternator or generator.  Many people see this light and  think that they have a battery problem, which is symptom  but that is not really why the light goes on.  This light is linked to computer systems within the car monitoring the voltage output of the alternator

Alternator play an important  role in vehicle operation and  also keeps the battery fully charged, providing the power  to start the car.    Alternator begins to fail, the car’s battery begins to take up the remiss rather than acting as a storage  for the system by receiving a constant infusion of electrical power from the alternator. However, even the best car battery will run down eventually leaving a driver stranded on the roadside or even  worse, on the expressway  . Car batteries are not designed for long-term power use. They are designed to provide the vehicle with enough electrical current  to start by juicing the starter motor with a surge of power and getting the whole works spinning.

Diagnosing a dead battery versus a dead alternator is relatively easy. By  jumpstart the car and then remove the cables as quickly as possible. Then wait. If the alternator is failing to charge the system, the car will soon die again and the problem has been identify. If the car runs and continues to run, then it’s likely the problem is with the battery. Caution should be used, however, as a dying battery can only receive a charge for so long and may go completely dead at a later point despite the best efforts of the alternator. Testing a battery can be accomplished with a voltmeter.

If the alternator is low charging , it is best to tow to workshop to get it change so that it will not die halfway along the road.

Corrosion on car battery

You notice light blue colour powdering on your car battery terminal  some day whereby you open your car bonnet .

That blue colour powdering is the acid. It leak when the hydrogen gas is release while the little gas is vent out through the opening of the hood or cell.  When the substance become solid and build up a lot on your car terminal , it will cause your car battery terminal to become loose and lose their capability to charge from the battery to the engine

There are other reason that occur corrosion. Overcharging your car battery  is one of the reason and  If the cell is crack, the acid inside the battery will leak and release harmful gas which is harmful to our body . When the acid come in contact with our skin ,it cause us itchy and irritating as well.

You should change a new car battery  by contacting  a experience car mechanic at {96888773} to handle this situation . The mechanic will  use a special brush and cleaning terminal solution to clean the affected terminal area afterward he will install the new car battery and tighten the terminal and make sure that your car can start again.

Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery

Varta Blue Dynamic is the most respected battery in the market.

It is built to exceed the specifications set by the car manufacturers and the size covers more than 91% of the car market.

Varta Blue Dynamic can crank your car up to five thousand times and the battery last longer.

It also has a self-discharge rate of only 3-5% per month which mean your car will still be able to start.

It comes with a special mechanism to avoid overcharging and to ensure that the battery is not damage or fail prematurely.

All internal and external structures have been manufactured and tested to withstand heat and impacts so that the battery will last longer and safer.

Varta Blue Dynamic is designed for

Toyota (Altis,Camry,Vios),

Honda (Accord,Civic,City),


Mercedes Benz,







and many others model car

Varta Silver Dynamic

If you want your car to have extra power and premium performance,

Varta  Silver Dynamic Car Batteries provide supreme starting power that meet the toughest

energy demands without compromise as it provides superior performance for highly equipped


Varta Silver Dynamic is the premium battery for non-start-stop Cars and engineered to the

highest European standards

It also has clean manufacturing with 20 percent less energy and 20 percent less Air

Pollution  and powerframe grid technology for high starting power.





To prevent this incident to happen , it is wise to consult  car mechanic.




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What to do if your car can’t start?



If you happens to see your car die halfway while driving or cannot start at your parked location;

Don’t panic, contact us and we will swiftly arrange a mechanic to come down to your rescue .

Do not try to jumpstart by yourself or using another party’s car as it might further damage your car ECU (Engine control unit) and will cost you to spend even more to repair.