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Battery Explode

Battery Explode

Come across this kind of incident as battery explode , lucky that  the vehicle owner is able to aware of this condition and engage our mechanic to come over and install new car battery replacement singapore.

What causes battery to explode ?  There are a few reason ,one of the reason is too long never change the battery .

Car batteries contain lead acid and flooded with sulfurate.  This is made to cater to the demand for the vehicle required. As some vehicle need to have better performance result and therefore battery is customized to it to provide enough current .

Lead acid battery contain harmful item and it is flammable which is why it is better to discard this battery in a safe way. Do not discard the battery in the bin because it can cause fire or skin irritation to the cleaner.

Some hydrogen gas is create when the battery is discharge and charging and hydrogen will cause fire , if the  battery is discharge until it cannot support the starter and
there is hydrogen still left in the battery or escape out and it will cause overcharging .

The maintenance of the batteries is important to prevent it from explode.

Car battery can last how long?

Car battery can last how long?

It is depend on how you drive and also the vehicle age ,mileage and the maintenance of  the vehicle.

If you are taxi driver driving one thousand kms per week or  if you using  your own vehicle for private use only driving to and from work. How you use your vehicle will affect the lifespan of your car battery. An taxi driver driving their Toyota Prius is travelling one thousand two hundred kms per week will be cycling their hybrid battery  more than a private user.  Therefore  using their hybrid in this way will make the  lifespan shorter than normal usage .  The age of the vehicle also affect the car battery lifespan.

The maintenance of the battery is also important  as we tend to overlook and  to take note of the battery terminal corrosion and the wiring. If the vehicle just install audio or speaker always check with the mechanic whether your vehicle need car battery replacement singapore in order to have sufficient current to support it

As our local road is accelerate and stop due to many traffic light is different from our neighbour country as the road  journey there is long and seldom stop (highway)  therefore the car battery usually last longer than here .

Sometimes install many gadget will shorten the battery lifespan too.

If the vehicle is short circuit , it is best to sent it to respective workshop to inspect, vehicle short circuit will cause car battery to drain off  prematurely.

Heat Protection Rubber for Car battery

Heat Protection Rubber for Car battery

When your car is a few years old  or just purchase, the temperature  can affect your vehicle. Car batteries  lost certain percentage of their starting power therefore it make the battery to work even harder  to get it start and work, it is also shorten the battery lifespan.

Here is a solution without burning your pocket .

Heat protection rubber are not expensive and can be done by our mechanic to seal it around your vehicle battery. It assist heat to car battery , make it durability ,enhance the performance of your vehicle and it  can withstand high heat as well.

It has external reflective layer that can hold and avoid toxic acid from battery which can harm the vehicle and environment. The heat protection rubber is easy to use , just wrap it around the battery and secure it  with the sealing tape provided.

This is different from those heat protection rubber which sell in the market . It is tested and proved that the car battery can last longer.

You can call us at 96888773 for heat protection rubber for car battery  enquiries or when you have your car battery replacement singapore with us also can ask on the spot . Our Friendly mechanic is  willing to guide you

Gearbox oil

Gearbox oil

Always check your gearbox oil for auto vehicle by pulling out the dipstick when the engine is running and the gear shifted to park. Check the oil level and take note of any leaking . Unsure you may drive to your trusted workshop for inspection.

Inside the gearbox contain many component therefore it need to have regular oil fill up to avoid the component damage  easily . This is to save your wallet from burning a hole.

Suggested that oil to be change every thirty thousand to sixty thousand miles for manual vehicle . If travel frequently , then would be change oil at  fifteen thousand miles.

Suggested that Auto vehicle ,oil to be changed at  thirty thousand mile. It is better to have the oil change it often.

The difference between the auto vehicle and manual vehicle is that the manual vehicle do not contain too much liquid and over the period of time the bearing and gear is spoilt and left metal pieces (bit by bit) in the oil and cause it polluting the oil, if this polluted oil is not remove it will damage the transmission prematurely. As for the auto vehicle it has high heat and also cause the same problem as in manual vehicle  also must remove the polluted oil , if not the transmission will damage prematurely.

If you do not change the gear oil on time or when your trusted mechanic advice , you will eventually spent more later when you realise  that the transmission is damaged or internal part component is damage as well. Changing gear oil won’t cost much then you change the transmission.

Always check on the gear liquid level and oil leaking .  As for the manual vehicle it is wise to drive to your trusted workshop to check because they need to lift up the vehicle .