Car Battery Replacement Singapore

We started out doing jump start service and onsite car battery replacement in singapore since 2007.

As the number of car and motorbike malfunctioning on the road due to battery flat and tyre puncture is increasing ,doing car battery replacement and tyre repair and replacement on the spot is our desire .

With committed dedication, we constantly trying our best to solve issues within clients instead of only for the accomplishment in our work ,other  than issues include camera and audio setting and etc.

Additionally ,we also change motorbike battery on site as we observed that motorcyclist are not aware of who to approach to ,when in doubt regarding their vehicles.

We always do updates on information for cars , battery model and the new technology of it.

In most cases our mechanic arrival time is less than one hour or even earlier in the consideration to our client’s location as well as the road traffic situation.

Nowadays vehicles are fitted with more components that run on electricity,  choosing the correct and reliable battery is more essential.

The start-stop car need a start stop (EFB) battery as a normal battery is unable to support it , and this explains why some clients is puzzled how  come the battery is flats again?

The EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) are enhanced version of standard wet-flooded technology.This type of battery should not be confused with normal batteries.The advantage of EFB technology are stronger charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability when using in a reduced state of charge (typical of Stop Start applications). As estimation,EFB batteries provide better engine starts compared to a normal batteries engine start .

EFB batteries have been indicated as lower specification than  AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries in the term of performance and durability. EFB technology depend on the improvements from the existing flooded technology through the addition of the carbon during manufacturing process.

AGM technology has been using since 1980 as it is a airtight lead acid battery for aviation and automotive . The sulphate acid is draw in by a very high quality fiberglass mat which make the battery non leakable , It is also enable the shipment safe without dangerous substance. The plates is design flat to make it similar to a normal battery with lead acid pack in a rectangular case and can also be mould into cylinder shape.

AGM contain a very low resistance in the inner part  and it is able to produce high current on desire and can last  quite long shelf life  even though when discharge and recharge again without affecting the performance . AGM batteries is a maintenance free , has  strong reliability and tolerance. AGM batteries are less likely  to have corrosion  and it storage are longer that  it do not need frequent charge.

We carry variety of different brand like VARTA ,Bosch and many other model of battery for your vehicle need and provide six months warranty onsite, do not hesitate to contact us at 96888773 when you need roadside assistance.